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This Website section refers to personal work in progress for content for an RBE10K Project website. The aim is to present, justify and explain ideas related to my personal view and intention for founding this project, to use as a starting point for getting consensus with those most currently interested and engaged with the project, so that it represents the point of view of what can be called the "current" community engaged with the project. As the project moves forward, the contents are expected to be refined and shift towards a point of view that represents wider and richer views.

The contents are structured in the following way:

  1. Introduction: Used to present the project in a broad view
  2. Rationale: Notions that support and justify the project's strategy, to better understand its form, function, and goal
  3. Principles: Fundamental propositions that serves as the foundation for the project's form, function and goals
  4. Values: Fundamental notions for what is most important, relevant, or necessary an all areas and interactions involving the project
  5. Participation: List of current and intended methods and tools for encouraging engagement in the development of the project
  6. Expectations: What can be expected or imagined as a result of living in a community implementing RBE10K's design
  7. Planning: Overview of a proposed roadmap for implementation of the project's design
  8. Controversy: Notions that are surprising and difficult to anticipate or accept, but which cascade logically from or spawn out of notions in the project
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