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Requires cooking: {{{cooking}}}


Soil Type: {{{farmSoilType}}}
Temperature: {{{farmTemperature}}}
Season: {{{farmSeason}}}
Permaculture: {{{farmPermaculture}}}
Hydroponic: {{{farmHydroponic}}}
Aeroponic: {{{farmAeroponic}}}
Notes: {{{farmNotes}}}

Nutrition (per Kg of produce)

Energy: {{{calories}}} cals
Water: {{{water}}} ml
Carbs: {{{carbs}}} g

Fiber: {{{carbFiber}}} g
Starch: {{{carbStarch}}} g
Sugars: {{{carbSugars}}} g

Fat: {{{fat}}} g

Monounsaturated: {{{fatMonounsaturated}}} g
Polyunsaturated: {{{fatPolyunsaturated}}} g
Omega3: {{{fatOmega3}}} g
Omega6: {{{fatOmega6}}} g
Saturated: {{{fatSaturated}}} g
Trans Fats: {{{fatTrans}}} g
Cholesterol: {{{fatCholesterol}}} mg
Phytosterol: {{{fatPhytosterol}}} mg

Protein: {{{protein}}} g

Alanine: {{{protAlanine}}} g
Arginine: {{{protArginine}}} g
Aspartic Acid: {{{protAsparticAcid}}} g
Cystine: {{{protCystine}}} g
Glutamic Acid: {{{protGlutamicAcid}}} g
Glycine: {{{protGlycine}}} g
Histidine: {{{protHistidine}}} g
Hydroxyproline: {{{protHydroxyproline}}} g
Isoleucine: {{{protIsoleucine}}} g
Leucine: {{{protLeucine}}} g
Lycine: {{{protLycine}}} g
Methionine: {{{protMethionine}}} g
Phenylamine: {{{protPhenylamine}}} g
Proline: {{{protProline}}} g
Serine: {{{protSerine}}} g
Threonine: {{{protThreonine}}} g
Tryptophan: {{{protTryptophan}}} g
Tryosine: {{{protTryosine}}} g
Valine: {{{protValine}}} g


Vitamin A: {{{vitA}}} IU
Thyamine (B1): {{{vitB1}}} mg
Riboflavin (B2): {{{vitB2}}} mg
Niacin (B3): {{{vitB3}}} mg
Panthotenic Acid (B5): {{{vitB5}}} mg
Pyroxine (B6): {{{vitB6}}} mg
Folate (B9): {{{vitB9}}} µg
Cobalamine (B12): {{{vitB12}}} µg
Vitamin C: {{{vitC}}} mg
Vitamin D: {{{vitD}}} IU
Vitamin E: {{{vitE}}} mg
Vitamin K: {{{vitK}}} µg


Calcium: {{{minCalcium}}} mg
Copper: {{{minCopper}}} mg
Iron: {{{minIron}}} mg
Magnesium: {{{minMagnesium}}} mg
Manganese: {{{minManganese}}} mg
Phosphorus: {{{minPhosphorus}}} mg
Potassium: {{{minPotassium}}} mg
Selenium: {{{minSelenium}}} µg
Sodium: {{{minSodium}}} mg
Zinc: {{{minZinc}}} mg
Farming costs (per Kg of produce)

Time: {{{farmTime}}} days
Water: {{{farmWater}}} litres
Soil: {{{farmSoil}}} Kg
Seeds: {{{farmSeeds}}}
Work: {{{farmManHours}}} man hours

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