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The TZM Sydney Chapter recommenced activities in June 2016, after a four-year long hiatus. It currently holds fortnightly activism meet-ups organised via its page, which are also publicised via events in its Facebook page.




The activities and events in the chapter are organised through Teams.


The Sydney Chapter was Australia's first TZM Chapter. Founded in 2009 by David Z., one of its first activities was co-organising Jacque Fresco's visit to Australia on April 2010<ref name="tvpvisittoaustralia">The Zeitgeist Movement Australia organising and promoting TVP's Jacque Fresco's visit to Australia in April 2010 (web archive snapshot from May 2010).</ref>.

The Chapter performed various avenues for activism and spreading awareness about a variety of relevant topics, including premiering Zeitgeist: Moving Forward in cinemas in Sydney, street activism distributing Zeigeist: Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward DVDs and information leaflets, and running activities such as film nights, Z-Days, and Zeitgeist Media Festivals.

The Sydney Chapter organisers took time off after Sydney's Z-Day 2012 (17th March 2012)<ref name="zdaysydney2012">Last TZM Sydney's Z-Day in 2012 (web archive snapshot from November 2012).</ref>. It recommenced activities after four years.


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