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The TZM Sydney Chapter recommenced activities in June 2016, after a four-year long hiatus. It currently holds fortnightly activism meet-ups organised via its page, which are also publicised via events in its Facebook page.


[edit] Events

[edit] Teams

The activities and events in the chapter are organised through Teams.

[edit] History

The Sydney Chapter was Australia's first TZM Chapter. Founded in 2009 by David Z., one of its first activities was co-organising Jacque Fresco's visit to Australia on April 2010<ref name="tvpvisittoaustralia">The Zeitgeist Movement Australia organising and promoting TVP's Jacque Fresco's visit to Australia in April 2010 (web archive snapshot from May 2010).</ref>.

The Chapter performed various avenues for activism and spreading awareness about a variety of relevant topics, including premiering Zeitgeist: Moving Forward in cinemas in Sydney, street activism distributing Zeigeist: Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward DVDs and information leaflets, and running activities such as film nights, Z-Days, and Zeitgeist Media Festivals.

The Sydney Chapter organisers took time off after Sydney's Z-Day 2012 (17th March 2012)<ref name="zdaysydney2012">Last TZM Sydney's Z-Day in 2012 (web archive snapshot from November 2012).</ref>. It recommenced activities after four years.

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