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The website of The RBE10K Project presents general information about the project. The intended audience is the general public, however it must have useful information for activists and project participants, such as how to get started with the wiki. Ideally, the website would spark interest and support in people from all walks of life.

[edit] Communication style

The RBE10K Website is concise, objective, simple and straight-forward. Utilises images to convey the ideas and projects being worked on by the teams, with the intention of being visually impacting and communicating emotionally. The text is always positive, avoids confrontation and controversy, and seeks for the highest degree of relatedness possible.

[edit] Technology

The website runs on Joomla 3.0.3, using the same underlying web server and database engine as the Wiki (Apache2 with FPM, and PostgreSQL v.9.2). This version of Joomla requires special installation steps to work.

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