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Dear supporters, we've reached 500 members and are growing at an INCREDIBLE rate!!! We've dooubled from 250 members in just three days, after taking roughly one full month since the page was created to the first 250 members. This project relies on exponential growth in interest and support, from now and steadily for the next 42 years until we reach a Global RBEM! So we're stocked to see that since its very beginnings, this is true and gives us hope that it will continue this path.

As a reminder to all, we're 5 weeks into the planning stage, which will go for roughly 20-24 months, in which we'll try to have the most complete and detailed plan possible by the due date, before we make the final decision of we proceed to have the money pooled in a trust account and begin purchasing everything that we'll need according to the plan. So planning is essential, and we'll use mainly one tool: the same tool used by the biggest, most complex knowledge-base in the world, maintained by an amazing and very large community of open, voluntarist and horizontal (like us!) beautiful knowledge contributors: the Wikipedians! Yes, we use the same tool as the Wikipedia, and we use the same practices as the Wikipedians. Please have a read at the entry "Wikipedians" in the Wikipedia, and learn about this incredible community. We want to learn from them! What they've achieved is what we want to achieve, a complete, functional, detailed knowledge-base with the plan for kick-starting our project, an experimental minimalist RBEM community of 10,000, self funded by the volunteers themselves on equal contribution amounts, with a total budget of $100 million US dollars, to get the best resources we can afford with such amount, so that we can be fully self-sufficient and sustainable for the whole duration of the experiment: 2 years, including possibly 6 months building the town, assisted by specialised companies or people whenever we don't have the skills or the experience to handle the task ourselves.

It is time to let the Facebook page grow, and begin documenting, or helping out with the coordination, the support, the organisation of the documentation, the software design of the intelligent management of resources, and much more. No money is necessary right now, we only need your participation. Our support team will assist you in finding an activity useful for the project and fun and rewarding for yourselves. Please, also read in the Wikipedia the entry "Hacker ethic". We want that ethic among us. No leaders, no bosses, completely horizontal. For fun or interest only: if you're not having fun or enjoying, you're doing it wrong! Try something else, doesn't have to be something you already know, can be something you're keen to learn, to research.

Read our wiki, and register as a user (read the entry "Participation" including the Main article). Create a personal page (click on your username at the top of the page) with your story, your interests and skills, what you want to do, what you know about RBE, how you found out, dare to be verbose and intimate. We want to become intimate friends of each other, connect spiritually and emotionally. Look around for other user pages (click Toolbox/special pages on the left of the screen, and then on "User list"; filter by "Users with edits" and click on users in blue colour. Check them out! If you like what you read and want to team up for any purpose in an area that interest you, because they have that skill, interest, or experience, dare to send them a message (only available if you're registered and logged on; link on Toolbox/E-mail this user). Don't wait for people to do things for you! Document the area you want to be part of the project because it satisfies your own interest, the kind of thing you have be included in the plan because you like it, or the kind of information you want for the community to have available for helping it settle, or for having that activity be part of the community life once everything's set.

This project is yours! Most especially the bit that you're particularly interested in. Try not to work alone. Team up. Network. Contact each other on Facebook if you share common interests. Chat about yourselves and the project. Become friends. Assist each other with support you may be able to provide with personal issues. Become involved! Learn to show affection to those you're likely to share this amazing experience with for two intense years. We'll all be brothers and sisters, a big family, with a gigantic and crucial objective: show the world an RBE can be done, it is affordable, it is functional, and it is fun!

Thank you all for being part of this amazing experience. Please be patient with the support team, which is just beginning to organise and function. Use the time while you wait for browse around the Facebook page. Read the posts and the captions in the images. Familiarise with the wiki. Familiarise with the Wikipedians and their practices (we'll use the same practices as them! why? because if it worked for them, it will work for us as well!).

We will make History and SHOW THE WORLD that a Resource-Based Economic Model based society CAN BE DONE, it is AFFORDABLE, it WORKS, is has a DESIRABLE, FUN and MEANINGFUL LIFESTYLE, provides for FULL FREEDOM and FULL SELF EXPRESSION, promotes SELF MASTERY in a freely chosen art form, encourages SELF DETERMINATION and INDIVIDUALITY, every day is an ADVENTURE, and the RBEM city environment does help, as predicted, reclaiming and nurturing in every one of its citizens a natural ability to be LOVING, GENEROUS, COMPASSIONATE, SELF RESPONSIBLE, HUMBLE, CONSIDERATE, RESPECTFUL, GRATEFUL, and INCLUSIVE.


The next milestone will be 1000 users. We'll see how long that takes! Will it be 3 days again? Oh dear! Hahaha! :D We're loving it. Are you loving it too?

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